Installing – Openpay Landing Page – Instore

Follow the steps below to add the landing page if you offer Openpay instore only.

Step 1

After installing the Openpay widgets library on your website, initialise the library by configuring it with the correct purchase limits, plan tiers, etc.

Note: The Openpay widgets library should be loaded on your website before you configure it.

<!– Load the widgets library –>
<script src=””></script>
<!– Initialise the widgets –>
region: ‘AU’,
currency: ‘$’,
planTiers: [2, 3, 4],
minEligibleAmount: 1,
maxEligibleAmount: 1500,
type: ‘Instore’

Important note:
Check with Openpay Account / Ecommerce Manager for your Plan Tier configuration, above values are just for demo purpose.

  • planTiers
  • minEligibleAmount
  • maxEligibleAmount

Step 2

Openpay HTML tag

Add the Openpay HTML tag on your page just like any other HTML element for Openpay Landing Page content.


Demo – Openpay Landing Page – Instore

Openpay Landing Page - Instore

Banners / Style Guide

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