Shopify – Openpay Payment Gateway

Integration Guide

Objectives and Target Audience

This guide describes how to install and configure the Openpay Payment Gateway App to Shopify eCommerce platform.

You should have an existing Shopify account for the website.


What is the Shopify Openpay Payment App?

Openpay is an end-to-end payment solution that is designed with the intention of extending the functionality of online stores.

This documentation will help you learn how to install and configure Openpay so you can easily accept real-time payments in your Shopify web store.

You will be guided about the following modules to give your customers a hassle-free online payment experience.

  • Getting Started: Installation of Openpay
  • Product Purchase: Accepting Payments
  • Cancellation: Cancellation of Orders
  • Refunds: Offering Refunds for Cancelled Orders

Signing up for an Openpay merchant account

In order to start taking payments through Openpay, you need to sign up and get approval for an Openpay merchant account. Once your application is approved, you can configure Openpay Hosted Payment Solution module and start taking payments.

Openpay provides a test account and users for training and testing purpose.

Quick Video to Install Openpay Payment App

Installing and Configuring Openpay Payment App

Installation Steps

Click on the link above to install Openpay Payment Gateway App to your Shopify store to accept Openpay online transactions.

Enter your Shopify login details. You are now just a step away from installing Openpay payment gateway. On submitting your valid credentials, you will see a screen like this:

Click on “Install payment provider“

Admin Setup

Select Settings > Payments providers

On the Payments providers page, go to ‘Alternatives payments’ and then select the ‘Openpay Payment Gateway’ from the dropdown.

As you select ‘Openpay Payment Gateway’, you will be prompted to provide your Jam Authorisation Token.

Use the Test Jam Token: 30000000000001041|e76efa1e-af1f-4dd7-b057-321429beb912

Note: Production / LIVE Jam Authorisation Token is supplied by Openpay.

Enter the Gateway Key: iU44RWxeik

If you are using the Test Jam Token: Tick Enable test mode checkbox.

Note: For Production / Live Jam Token: Untick Enable test mode checkbox.

Submit the details and click on ‘Save’ to successfully save all the settings.

This will complete your Admin Setup of the Openpay Payment Gateway in Shopify.

Note: In some cases, Shopify will send you a verification email once Openpay is setup. Please check and verify your email for successful implementation of Openpay Payment Gateway.

How does Openpay work on your site

Select the product you wish to purchase and proceed to checkout.
Fill in your personal details and continue with the shipping method. You will be presented with a screen like this:

Click on ‘Complete Order’ to pay. If order amount is less than Minimum Checkout Value or greater than Maximum Checkout Value available on Jam Token provided, then Openpay will show the validation message.

Click on ‘Click here to return shop’. And order the product within Minimum Checkout Value and Maximum Checkout amount.

If order is within Minimum Checkout and Maximum Checkout value. You will be redirected to your payment method.

Openpay Plan Creation

If the customer is already registered with Openpay, the following screen will be displayed:

If you do not have an Openpay account, you need to create one.

We do not send Email code on training mode please use 123456 for verification.

We do not send SMS on training mode please use 111111 for verification.

If the customer continues to login, then the following page will be displayed:

If one clicks on Submit Plan, and the plan is successful, the browser will be redirected to your site with “Your order has been placed” message.

Demo Site

Shows the placement of all the Openpay widgets and assets. You can test an Openpay plan creation on this site.

Testing Credentials

This section provides the credentials for test user and test merchant account on Openpay Training Environment to create and check your Openpay plan.

Test JamAuthToken for Testing

JamAuthToken: 30000000000001041|e76efa1e-af1f-4dd7-b057-321429beb912

Test User for creating a plan on Openpay

Password: Admin1234

Test Retailer’s Account to check plan created on Openpay’s Retailer’s Portal
Username: adminshopify
Password: Test123

Please note: Openpay does not provide LIVE / Production test credentials. Our team is happy to test and certify your LIVE / Production site.

Shopify Order Status

After successful payment order status will be “Paid”.

If the order is shipped or dispatch by the admin, then admin can mark the orders status as “Fulfilled”.

If the order is cancelled by an admin user.

If the order is fully refunded by an admin user, then orders status change to Refunded.

Partially refunded
If the order’s some amount is refunded by an admin user, then orders status change to Partially refunded.

Abandoned checkouts
If somehow a payment was declined or not completed after order placement, the order will be store in Abandoned checkouts section of admin. Do not dispatch Openpay order from Abandoned checkouts.

Below is the detailed order status to share with your staff who look after orders, dispatch and refunds..


Select ‘Orders’ from the left hand side panel of the dashboard. You will see a comprehensive history of all the recent purchases that are made on your store, along with all the vital details such as the order number, date of transaction, name of the customer, payment status, fulfilment status and the amount.

Select the Openpay order you wish to refund on the order details page and click on ‘Refund’.

Partial refund
If Refund amount is less than the available amount the order will be partially refunded. Enter the refund amount and click on Refund button.

You will be notified after the creation of a successful refund by Openpay.

Full refund
If the refund amount is equal to the available amount then the order will be fully refunded. Enter the refund amount and click on the Refund button.

You will be notified after the creation of a successful refund by Openpay.


Navigate to Setting > Payment > Alternative payments > Edit > Deactivate

Version Control Table

# Date Version Description
1 September 2017 1.1 Created payment plugin
2 July 2019 5.2 Updated payment plugin to API 5.2
3 September 2019 5.5 Updated payment plugin to API 5.5