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Integration Guide

Objectives and Target Audience

This guide describes how to install and configure the Openpay View Cart Widget to WordPress version 5.x. In order to install this widget, WooCommerce version 3.x should be active on your ecommerce website.

What is WooCommerce Widgets / Plugins?

WooCommerce Widgets are WooCommerce extensions with a predefined set of configuration options. With their help, the store administrators can boost the functionality of frontend blocks. They provide great control as well as flexibility in creating informational and marketing content from the WooCommerce administrator panel.


Openpay View Cart Widget shows on Cart Page, reminding the user they have an option to choose Openpay as their payment method at checkout.

Installing and Configuring View Cart Widget


Before installing the Openpay widget, make sure that your web server meets the following criteria:

  • There should be an existing WooCommerce installation on your WordPress web server. The Openpay module is compatible with WordPress version 5.x and WooCommerce version 3.x. The installation procedure described here has been tested on WooCommerce version 3.x
  • Supported Web Servers: Apache / nginx
  • SSL: A valid security certificate is required to work over a secure channel (HTTPS) from the WordPress Admin Panel or while submitting form data from the store‐front. Self‐signed SSL certificates are not supported
  • MySQL database with sample data
  • At least 5.6 or the later version of PHP, MySQL and web browser
  • Curl (version 7.20.0 ‐ 7.44.0)

For further details on PHP compatibility, MySQL, supported Web servers and other requirements, refer to the WordPress website https://wordpress.org/about/requirements/ and WooCommerce website: https://woocommerce.com/

Installation Steps

To install the plugin, download the zip file.

Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard

Navigate from Dashboard to Plugin > Add New >Add Plugins (select the downloaded file) > Upload

After installing: Activate the plugin

View Cart Widget Activation

Admin Setup

Navigate from Dashboard > Openpay View Cart Widgets

To set up ‘View Cart Widget’ fill out the fields as per your Openpay account configuration. (This information will be provided by your Openpay Ecommerce Manager or Account Manager)

  • View Cart Status: Check the ‘Active’ checkbox to enable the plugin.
  • Show only on Min-Max: Set this option ‘Yes’ only if you wish to show the widget on order amount which fall within the minimum and maximum threshold.
  • Openpay Brand Message: Enter text ‘Pay overtime, interest free. Available at checkout.’
  • Enable Learn More: Enter text ‘Learn more’ on clicking ‘Learn more’ a popup will open explaining how to use Openpay at checkout and requirements to create an Openpay accounts.
  • Popup Image: Only upload this image if provided by Openpay. (eg. 2 or 3) Set it to ‘Yes’ and upload Popup image, specification: 500px (high) x 500px (wide).
  • Click ‘Save

Frontend View

View Cart Widget
If the plugin is enabled from the admin, widget will be displayed as follows on the Cart Page.

 ‘Learn more’ link opens a popup explaining how to use Openpay at checkout and the requirements to create an Openpay account.

Learn more - Popup

Demo Site

Shows the placement of all the Openpay widgets and assets.


Navigate to Plugins > Openpay View Cart Widget > Deactivate

Version Control Table

# Date Version Description
1 January 2020 1.00 Guide Created
2 January 2020 1.10 Popup message min-max number format change.